Excursión de cata de cervezas en Bruselas

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  • Ubicación: Bruselas, Bélgica
  • Duración: 4 horas (aprox.)
  • Código del recorrido: 5071BEE

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Opinión de: maryely2435, octubre 2014 Inglés

Most enjoyable.

Opinión de: Callieroo, USA, octubre 2014 Inglés

As this was my second Brussels Beer Tasting tour in the past 12 months, it would be obvious that I feel this is an informative and enjoyable experience. Last October Marc the owner of the tour company provided a wonderful history of Belgium and the local beers. This September I went again and Jan was the guide. The tour had been changed a bit and proved to be a unique adventure of 10 people and our guide Jan. A lot of wonderful beer history and both guides do a great job of helping the group bond to make this a social experience to long rember. I would advise anyone that enjoys learning about Belgium beer and foods that pair well with different styles of beer to take this tour.

Opinión de: Mikhail S, octubre 2014 Inglés

Mark is great. Will taste some good beer you probably would have not tried otherwise. Wish it was longer.

Opinión de: smorasin, octubre 2014 Inglés

This was fantastic! Each stop was carefully selected and we definitely felt like we were getting the underground beer experience. We loved this!

Opinión de: Ian D, octubre 2014 Inglés

Our tour was lead by Marc and Marie - it was the highlight of our trip. Our group was quite large and were a fantastic, friendly bunch to spend the day with. We learnt a lot, got our bearings around Brussels and had a great time with everyone. We even went "off-piste" after the tour with the remaining crowd (after being tipped off on where to get the best Frites in town). We enjoyed all of the beers. We wouldn't hesitate to do the tour again - but maybe would remember to pack the Alka Seltzers for the day after next time ;)

Opinión de: Dick R, USA, octubre 2014 Inglés

Jan does an awesome job presenting the various beers, mixing in a little history about Brussels, and keeping it light and entertaining. I read many of the reviews, agreed with the positive responses, and the tour delivered the goods. Highly recommend and would do it again next time I'm in Brussels. The tour took almost ~4 hours but was never boring. A+++.

Opinión de: Sandra R, octubre 2014 Inglés



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Código del recorrido: 5071BEE