Rafting en el río Pacuare de Costa Rica

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  • Ubicación: San José, Costa Rica
  • Duración: 11 horas (aprox.)
  • Código del recorrido: 4100PRRC3

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Opinión de: Mary M P , mayo 2015

Excellent guides, food was great! Had the best time. This was my 2nd time with this company. Will do it again.

Opinión de: Sam G , marzo 2015

Fantastic trip. Didn't know exactly what to expect, but turned out it was 27km of some of the best rapids in the world. Beautiful scenery. Our guide Mathias was one of the most professional and reassuring guides I've ever met in any adventure sport. A must.

Opinión de: Katie F , febrero 2015

Our whitewater rafting tour was one of our favorite things we did in Costa Rica. Our tour guide was personable and knowledgeable and kept us safe. We had so much fun! Beautiful scenery and a good length of time I think we were on the river for about 4 hours. The river was kind of low at the time we went February, but it wasnt too low or too high, so we had medium-sized rapids. So fun. The only advice I would give is to eat a lot at the breakfast they provide or bring a snack for right before you get on the water, because we did get pretty hungry by the end but they provide a late lunch after the raft trip. We would definitely recommend this to anyone traveling to Costa Rica.

Opinión de: coabey , diciembre 2014

Excellent adventure. The guide (George) was fully bilingual and extremely knowledgeable of the area's wildlife.

Opinión de: Jenn , diciembre 2014

Rapids, food, and tour guides were amazing! The river is gorgeous!

Opinión de: brookeb , abril 2013

This was my favorite adventure in Costa Rica!!! It is adrenaline packed and visually beautiful. Our tour guide was Christian and he made the river a perfect experience combining his knowledge of the river and surroundings and his good time attitude. If you do not book any other tour book this one. It is a must do!

Opinión de: Sandeep D , enero 2013

Excellent tour, good views and guide

Opinión de: Alexei G , USA, diciembre 2012

It was wonderful! Highly recommend to all!

Opinión de: Daniel C , octubre 2012

amazing experience!!! i cant describe in words how much fun i had on this trip.. the tour company was prompt and was amazingly helpful and knowledgable, the area was gorgeous i cant stop recomending it

Opinión de: Richard C , septiembre 2011

Had an amazing time. Ray is a great tour guide and we had "Chino" as our raft guide. I told him I would tip him extra as long as I didn't fall in the water. We were both very happy at the end. A must do for Costa Rica travelers looking for adventure.

Opinión de: Mark B , mayo 2011

I've been on half a dozen whitewater rafting trips in the last few years and this one was the best by far. Our guide was great.

Opinión de: LUIS M , USA, junio 2010


Opinión de: Lisa N , USA, junio 2010

I usually use Viator because I do these excursions on a layover and am by myself..always feel safe and know I will get a quality trip.However this time the company man for the rafting group who was like the leader was unprofessional and actually rude..I know there are other companys that do this trip mayby Viator should use them insted. But The river was Beautiful and Clean !!!, my raft guide was great and to food was wonderful

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