Visita de degustación de vinos para grupos pequeños a Veneto

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  • Ubicación: Venecia, Italia
  • Duración: 5 horas (aprox.)
  • Código del recorrido: 3303WIN

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Opinión de: Rebekkah A , mayo 2015

A lovely day!

Opinión de: Sandra M , octubre 2014

This is one of the best wine tastings we have attended. The wines were delicious and very reasonably priced. The facility was clean and decorated in vintage equipment and pictures. Will definitely be purchasing the wine in the US.

Opinión de: Gail T , julio 2012

We enjoyed the lovely Paladin Winery/vineyard. Our driver was excellent and was able to tell us a bit about the area. The Paladin representative showed us through the winery from making the wines, to aging them. Our wine tasting was a highlight of the tour with grissini, cheese and thinly slice sausage to cleanse the palate

Opinión de: Donald W , junio 2012

The trip was great! On time, courteous and a very knowledgeable guide. Clean vehicle and safe driving. The winery itself was wonderfully maintained and culturally unique and the wine tasting presentation was personalized. I would highly recommend this tour.

Opinión de: Valerie H , USA, junio 2012

Wonderful morning spent! Great Trip, and great wines!!

Opinión de: lucy , marzo 2012

This was one of the best bits of our holiday. We turned up to Pizzale a Roma to find it was just me and my husband doing the tour, fab! Our driver was a lovely man who ended up taking us on the tour of the vineyard and bringing us the wine to taste. It was really informative and we ended up getting a bit squiffy! We got given some salami and 'drunk' cheese (which was amazing) to have with our wine. We ended up buying 4 bottles of wine to bring home. An excellent day, you must do it.

Opinión de: L J H , octubre 2011

A really good day out from Venice. The vineyard was beautiful, the wines were wonderful and our guide was very enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable. As it was such a small group, we had one-to-one attention and plenty of time to ask questions.
The only problem we had was finding the pick up point to start with as the directions were not clear. If it had just said 'Behind the taxi rank' we would have found it immediately, but 'left side of the square' wasn't too easy. Apart from that - fantastic day! Thank you!

Opinión de: William T , agosto 2013

We enjoyed the experience very much. The winery tour was great. The tastings were quite good; especially the prosecco. We actually purchased and had some shipped home. It was a nice time shared with another couple.

Opinión de: Beth S , julio 2013

The Paladin Winery was tremendous! Very informative tour, friendly staff and excellent tastings. I did have 2 issues with this trip. The first was finding the transportation near the Plaza Roma. We searched and searched yet couldn't find the area described on our voucher. After three telephone calls we finally found our driver who told us that they had been trying for a year to get the pick up location description updated since the old location no longer exists. Secondly although there were only four of us on the trip I understood that we would have an "english speaking tour", we DID however the other two people on our tour spoke French only, which meant that the tour guide explained is two different times and I feel that we may have lost some interesting points due to the dual language issue. Overall the winery, driver and tour guide were amazing.

Opinión de: Jono R , julio 2013

This was a great tour. There was myself and 2 others. We drove 1 hour out of Venice and spent about 2 hours at the one winery. We were shown through the winery, however, not the actual making process. Then we had tastings of several wines and a excellent assortment of meats, cheeses and bread while tasting.
Recommend as it was relaxing and not too long.
Tim R

Opinión de: Galen Larson , abril 2012

Winery tour and tasting was nice. The trip allowed for one winery and each of the wines produced by the winery was tasted. It would have been nice to visit a couple of winerys to get additional perspective on the regions wine, but this was a nice lo-key affair.

Opinión de: Edie K , septiembre 2011

The winery we visited, Ornella Molon is a beautiful estate and we tasted some excellent wine. The wines were very resonably priced, as were other items. Excellent experience!

Our tour guide, Enrico, was very nice. It would have been helpful if he were more knowedgeable about the wines.

Opinión de: Brandon V , agosto 2011

Our wine tour was amazing! The only negative comment I have would be that the actual tour of the winery and the grounds was not as in depth as I would have liked. The wine tasting portion was excellent and the guide was very knowledgeable.

Opinión de: Patrik A , noviembre 2010

A great way to do something more when in Venice - visit one of the vineyards close by. With a small group as this it also gives a closer experience to the wines and the people in the group. Clearly recommended.

Opinión de: Kimberly S , Canada, noviembre 2009


Opinión de: Karen E , julio 2013

Disappointed because we were expecting to be shown the process of wine making - all we were shown was some barrels, bottles and vineyard. The wine tasting was good though.

Opinión de: emacgregor_9 , septiembre 2015

I don't think our tour was the same one I read the reviews for. Although our guide was very friendly, she didn't seem to know very much about the wine or the history of the winery. She gave us a short tour of the facility and then showed us some pamphlets of the winery's other companies. It was not an informative tour at all.

Opinión de: Den , mayo 2015

Disappointing, not as good as it sounded. It was nice to see a bit of the countryside on route but would have been better if the driver would have given us a little info such as points of interest etc. Didn't actually see the wine production side of things just a room with wine barrels and another with the history of the family that owned the vineyard. The chap that took us around seemed unprepared and jumped from one thing to another, uninteresting. The wine tasting was the best part. Got to taste a number of wines along with cheese and hams, very tasty. No getting away from the fact that the wine was some of the best we've ever tasted so much so that we purchased more than a few and got them delivered home. Try the fizzy red Robosso!!!

Opinión de: Maria M , USA, noviembre 2009

The trip was a bit long to go to only one vineyard. The food was good, and the people were very nice at this location.

Opinión de: Danny H , marzo 2015

Vi var fire venner på vinturen i august 2014 - og må indrømme at vi sad tilbage med en noget flad fornemmelse da vi var færdige. Efter ca. 1h15 min i bil nåede vi frem til vingården, hvor vi blev budt velkommen af et par medarbejdere. Et flot og yderst præsentabelt sted med godt til både gane og øje. Rundvisningen varede ca. 25-30 minutter hvorefter vi smagte tre vine og fik lidt snacks. Efter over én time i bil havde vi i den grad håbet på en mere dybdegående rundvisning end den vi fik, hvor vi blot blev oplyst om hvor mange liter vind der produceres, hvornår druerne høstes og hvordan vingården blev drevet. Ikke ét ord om hvordan vinen blev produceret eller noget som helst om produktionsteknikker. Og det var en stor skuffelse efter året før at have været på en kanon cavatur i Catalonien med udgang fra Barcelona. En lidt for dyr og lidt for kedelig oplevelse.


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