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The 3 main temples of Roluos stand apart from the main attractions around Siem Reap, lying to the west of the town rather than on the main northern axis. They’re also significantly older, dating from the 9th century when this area was known as Hariharalaya.

Preah Ko, the oldest, is arranged as two rows of three “prasats” (towers) each, and boasts stunning stone carvings and plasterwork. After that comes the intricate 5-tiered Bakong, and finally Lolei, which dates from 893. This last temple resembles Preah Ko but with 4 instead of 6 towers, once stood on its own island, and is noted for its fine examples of Khmer calligraphy.

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Recorrido privado de día completo: templos de Angkor Wat desde Siem Reap

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Visite el magnífico complejo de templos de Angkor en Camboya en esta excursión privada de día completo de Angkor Wat desde Siem Reap. Por la ...  Más información

  • Ubicación: Siem Reap, Camboya
  • Duración: 10 horas
  • Idioma: Inglés
desde USD97,50