Termessos is an ancient city that required some determination to get to. It was perhaps for this reason that Alexander the Great decided not to conquer Termessos in 333 BC, which sits in the Taurus Mountains, northwest of Antalya.

These days you can drive to lower reaches of the ancient city, through the Gulluk Dagi National Park. Wear some decent walking shoes and be prepared to climb over rock and scrub to get to some of the higher ruins, however. Like all the ancient cities in Turkey, Termessos has borne the brunt of many earthquakes.

Worth the walk is the city’s spectacular Theater. Perched precipitously on the hillside, with incredible views of the surrounding mountain peaks, it is, perhaps fittingly, Termessos’ most dramatic site.

Other major sights in the upper part of the city include the Agora, Odeon-Bouleuterion, Hereon (monumental tomb), Cistern with Five Partitions, Colonnaded Street, and the Corinth Temple. Not all ruins are signposted so you’ll need a guide if you wish to understand their purpose and significance.

Practical Info

Termessos is a national park 38km (24mi) northwest of Antalya in the Korkuteli district.

Dirección: Gulluk Dagi National Park, Korkuteli district, Turquía
Horario: Open year-round
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