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Chachani Volcano

Outdoor adventurers who escape to Peru should save at least two ot three days to explore the incredible trails, terrain and views of Chachani Volcano. This 6,075-meter-tall active volcano located near the city of Arequipa is known for its intermediate climbs and technical ascents. Travelers who want to experience the wonder of world-class views without all the work can hire a car to drop them at the 5,000 meter level and maneuver the final 1,075 meters on their won. Experienced hikers warn travelers should be prepared for cold temperatures, potential altitude sickness and an very early morning start, since most hikes kick off around 3 a.m.

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Escalada del volcán Chachani de 2 días

Para algunos el límite es 8 mil metros, 7 mil para otros, pero para muchos pasar la barrera de 6 mil metros de altitud significa lograr un objetivo de ...  Más información

  • Ubicación: Arequipa, Perú
  • Duración: 2 días
  • Idioma: Inglés Español
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