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The Legend of Kung Fu Show

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The Legend of Kung Fu at Beijing’s Red Theater tells the story of a young monk who dreams of one day becoming a Kung Fu master. The boy’s story is told through Kung Fu, dance and Chinese acrobatics staged by the leading stage production company in the country.

The best Kung Fu practitioners from around China are scouted for the production, and the average age of the performers is only 17 years old, a testament to their talent. While the 80-minute production contains no dialogue, a screen above the stage tells the story with English subtitles to help foreign visitors follow along; most Chinese tourists are already familiar with the tale. The Legend of Kung Fu premiered on the Red Theater stage in 2004, and the theater has hosted daily or twice daily performances of it ever since. Since the show is popular with both international and domestic tourists and is often included in package tours, it’s best to book your tickets ahead of time.

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Recorrido privado en Pekín: Templo del Cielo, Mercado de Hongqiao y espectáculo de Kung Fu con cena de pato laqueado a la pekinesa

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Este recorrido privado de Pekín incluye una gran variedad de actividades que le permitirán ver y disfrutar de lo mejor de la ciudad en un solo ...  Más información

  • Ubicación: Pekín, China
  • Duración: 6 a 7 horas
desde USD140,00