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German Historical Museum (Deutsches Historisches Museum)

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With over 8,000 square meters of exhibition space devoted to German history, the German Historical Museum (Deutsches Historisches Museum) has been among Berlin’s most popular museums since it opened back in 1987. Since then, the vast permanent collection has grown to over 7,000 items, including rare manuscripts and official documents; fine art and sculptures; military uniforms, weapons and armory; posters and photographic images, and more. The focal point of a visit is the fascinating permanent exhibition ‘German History in Pictures and Artifacts’ which opened in 2006 and offers a chronological look at German history from the Middle Ages to modern-day. Walking through the two floors of exhibitions, visitors can learn about the evolution of Germany’s borders and language, the First and Second World Wars, the Nazi Regime, the Cold War division of Germany and its later reunification.

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Excursión privada en tierra de Warnemünde: Berlín con guía privado y conductor de Rostock

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Esta excursión en la costa privada de 12 horas desde Rostock lo recogerá directamente en su muelle de cruceros en Warnemünde y lo llevará ...  Más información

  • Ubicación: Rostock, Alemania
  • Duración: 12 horas
  • Idioma: Inglés Español
desde USD108,56