Llandaff Cathedral

One of Cardiff’s most striking landmarks and one of only two Catholic cathedrals in the city, Llandaff Cathedral was built in the 12th century and beautifully restored to its former glory in the 19th century before undergoing further restoration work in 1958. Despite a harrowing history including being overrun by Parliamentarian troops during the English Civil War, narrowing escaping bombing in the Second World war, and even being stuck by lightening, the Llandaff Cathedral still stands proud in the city center as one of the city’s most impressive religious buildings.
The cathedral, dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul, was built on the site of a former church, denoted by the ancient pre-Norman era Celtic cross and statue of St. Teilo, the Welsh Saint who founded the original church, still displayed in the grounds. A stroll through the cathedral grounds affords views of the undeniably pretty building, but the interiors are just as impressive, featuring a dramatic statue of Christ by the sculptor Epstein. Impressive acoustics have made it a popular venue for choral music and the cathedral’s traditional Anglican choir is well renowned, giving regular performances and producing CDs of their recorded concerts that are sold in the cathedral gift shop.
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