Colon Street

Chances are a tour of Cebu City will take you to Colon Street, named after Portuguese explorer Christopher Columbus. The former main street is thought to be the oldest and shortest national road in the country.

What was once Cebu's major entertainment hub, with wall to wall boutique shops and cinemas, remains one of the busiest areas on the city. It earned the designation of a National Historical Landmark in 1999, though many of the old business have given way to shopping malls and restaurants. While the street has begun to show signs of wear, it's an interesting place to go bargain hunting or simply to immerse yourself in the day-to-day life of the locals.

Colon Street has established somewhat of a bad reputation for petty crime, but things are improving as police officers are often patrolling the area. To ensure a safe and fun experience, leave your valuables behind and go out for a fun afternoon of bargain shopping and people watching.
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