Dinosaur Ridge

Dinosaurs once roamed the earth, and they once walked the ground in Colorado. We only know this from the dinosaur bones, tracks, and marks left behind at Dinosaur Ridge, just west of Denver. Known as one of the most famous sites where dinosaur bones have been discovered, they were first unearthed in 1877 by a local professor. Their display increased public interest in dinosaurs and prehistory, sparking excavations throughout the Rocky Mountain region. Later, in 1937, dinosaur tracks from the Early Cretaceous Period were found.

These steps can now be traced on the Triceratops Trail, a half-mile journey through fossils and imprints as much as 68 million years old. There’s also a Dinosaur Ridge Trail which, at 2 miles roundtrip, circles through the rocky landscapes of dinosaur tracks and bones.

The Dinosaur Ridge Visitor Center is also worth a stop to learn a bit more about the area and the dinosaurs past. You can learn as the excavation process as well with an interactive simulated dinosaur dig.

Practical Info

From Morrison, CO you can find Dinosaur Ridge west of the Alameda Parkway exit off C-470. You can get directions to the trailheads from the Discovery Center located at 17681 W Alameda Pkwy. Guided shuttle tours of the area cost $6 per person, and entrance to the indoor exhibits is $2.
Dirección: 16831 W. Alameda Parkway, Morrison, Colorado, EE UU
Horario: Mon-Sat from 9am - 5 pm, Sun from 12-5pm
Entradas: $2 for exhibits
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