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Edinburgh World Heritage Trust

Responsible for protecting, maintaining and promoting Edinburgh’s Old and New town UNESCO world Heritage sites, the Edinburgh World Heritage Trust (EWHT) is one of the city’s principal cultural centers. In 2011, the EWHT moved into the Acheson House, next door to the Museum of Edinburgh in the Old Town and its ground floor is now linked to the museum and a 17th-century style garden courtyard. Built in 1633 for Sir Archibald Acheson, the grand townhouse was restored by the Marquess of Bute in the 1930s and now forms one of a cluster of grade A listed buildings on Canongate, the lower part of the famous Royal Mile.

The Edinburgh World Heritage Trust also organizes city heritage tours and the 2-week Edinburgh Old Town Festival each June, which features dozens of tours, art shows, exhibitions and storytelling events, celebrating the rich history and heritage of the Old Town.

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