Reis Magos Fort

The Reis Magos Fort may be less popular than the larger and newer Aguada Fort, but its position overlooking the Mandovi River and the Reis Magos Church make it one of the best areas for scenic views in Goa.

Constructed by the Portuguese in 1551 to protect the narrowest point of the Mandovi River mouth, the Reis Magos Fort was rebuilt in 1707. It was briefly occupied by the British military from 1798 to 1813 and eventually fell into ruin after being abandoned. The structure was closed to the public while serving as a prison until 2012, when it was fully restored and opened for the public.
The laterite stone walls and turrets are reached by way of a steep, mossy staircase. From the highest point in the fort, you’ll have a view over the river and dense forest below. The church at the base of the fort, one of the prettiest in the state, is also worth a visit if you’re in the area.
Dirección: Goa, India
Horario: Open: 8am - 4:30pm
Entradas: Rs 3
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