Mi Museo

One of Granada's newest entries to the museum scene is Mi Museo, a privately owned collection of more than 5,000 ceramic artifacts from Pre-Columbian Nicaragua—some of which even date back to 2000 BCE. The collection itself is impressive and historic, and the same attention to detail was put into restoring the old adobe building that houses it. The museum was opened in 2005, after the 1860s adobe house was restored.

One of the Granada Collection at Mi Museo's objectives is to promote awareness of the indigenous cultures of Nicaragua, so the museum charges no admission fee. In addition, there is a dedicated research area for resident and visiting archaeologists, plus a lecture hall for presentations.

Practical Info

Set in Granada's historic center on Calle Atravesada, the museum is open Monday through Saturday. Once visitors register at the reception desk, there is the option to secure a guide who can explain some of the pieces in the museum's collection.
Dirección: 505 Calle Atravesada, Granada, Nicaragua
Horario: Mon-Sat: 8am-5pm
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