Yuexiu Park

Yuexiu Park, covering 247 acres in the heart of Guangzhou, is laced with walking paths winding past lakes, playgrounds, landscaped gardens and recreational areas. The park’s most recognizable landmark, the Five Ram Statue, is an emblem of Guangzhou City, depicting the five immortals who came to Guangzhou on the back of rams to deliver grain and prosperity to the starving people.

For a look at Guangzhou’s past and present, the park is home to the Guangzhou City Museum, housed within Xhenhai Tower. The five-story tower, built in 1380 during the Ming Dynasty, was originally used to protect the city from pirates before the British used the structure as a garrison after the first Opium War. Now the Ming-style building houses relics from the city’s 2,000-year history.

Visit the park early in the morning to see locals practicing tai chi or playing musical instruments. Throughout the day the lakes become crowded with fisherman looking to catch dinner and the paths become scattered with artists sketching or painting their surroundings.
Dirección: Guangzhou, China
Horario: Open daily 6am - 10pm
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