Solitary Beauty Peak

Rising 217 feet (66 meters), Solitary Beauty Peak has been a famous scenic spot in Guilin since ancient times. Also known as the “Pillar of the Southern Sky,” it’s one of the area’s highest peaks. Climb to the pavilion at the peak to take in sweeping views over the city.
The Basics
In addition to the two-story Solitary Peak Pavilion, other highlights include the Xuanwu Pavilion, Three Gods Memorial Hall, Three Guests Temple, and Guanyin Hall. There are also a number of notable caves at the base of the peak, including Dushu (Study) Rock, Taiping (Peace) Rock, and Snow Cave. At the east end of the peak, you’ll find Yueya (Crescent) Pond, with its distinctive crescent shape, and the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Tower.
It’s possible to visit Solitary Beauty Peak independently, but because most of the posted information is in Chinese only, visitors will gain more insight and appreciation of its historical significance on a guided tour. 

Things to Know Before You Go
  • Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture panoramic views of Guilin from the top of Solitary Beauty Peak.
  • You should be in reasonably good shape and wear sturdy shoes if you’re planning to climb to the peak, as there are 306 steep steps to get to the top.
  • Solitary Peak is part of the larger Prince Jinjiang Mansion. Plan to spend several hours to explore both sites, which are covered in the entrance fee.
How to Get There
Solitary Beauty Peak is located in the Prince Jingjiang Mansion, in the center of Guilin. Take the No. 1, 22, 30, or 100 bus and get off at Lequn Crossing stop, and walk east. Or take the No. 10, 11, 8, or 98 bus and get off at the Liberation Bridge stop, and walk north.
When to Get There
Solitary Beauty Peak is open year-round. Opening hours are longer during the summer and shorter during the winter. Summer will be hot and humid, which may make it more uncomfortable climbing to the peak.
How Solitary Peak Got Its Name
Solitary Beauty Peak got its name from a famous line in Southern Dynasty Poem by Yan Yanzhi: “None can surpass this solitary peak in beauty.” In addition to “Pillar of the Southern Sky,” a third name for the peak is “Purple Golden Hill,” so named because at dawn and at golden hour, the peak resembles a figure wearing a purple gown with a golden belt.
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  • Duración: 7 horas
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