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Louisa's Walk

In Hobart, the must-see theater experience happens on Louisa’s Walk. This two-hour experiential performance takes visitors on a journey through time, following the story of Louisa Ragan, a poor Irish mother of three whom in 1841 was thrown in jail and given a seven-year sentence for stealing a single loaf of bread.

Audience members follow the Hobart Rivulet and wander through scenic parkland as actors Judith and Chris Cornish play out scenes from Luisa’s grim tale. Visitors witness her crime, arrest and transportation to a women’s prison, and learn a bit of history while walking towards the Cascades Female Factory. This institution is one of the 11 buildings that comprise the Australian Convict Sites World Heritage Property. Women like Louisa were sent her to do laundry and needlework to repay their debts to society.