Finca La Gloria

This family-owned coffee plantation just outside Huatulco is known for its fertile green farms and fantastical butterfly sanctuary. Travelers can tour the working facility in the heart of a Mexican jungle and learn about the process of turning fresh berries into a cup of one of the most-loved morning beverages. 

La Gloria was opened by German ex-pats who escaped to Mexico after World War II. During harvest season, visitors can watch as laborers transform crops into drinkable brews and sample the finished product straight from the roaster. A trip to Finca La Gloria is a true farm to table (or in this case, cup) experience.

Practical Info

It’s possible to visit Finca La Gloria on its own, or as part of a larger coffee plantation tour, which typically includes meals and transportation. Travelers can also hike to nearby Llano Grand Waterfalls after a visit to the farm.
Dirección: Carretera Federal 200, Huatulco, Oaxaca, México
Entradas: Adults 62 pesos, Children 5-12 31 pesos
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