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James Hall Museum of Transport

This giant brick warehouse divided in to seven sections is dedicated to all things transportation. From ox carts to early bicycles and modern day cars and trains, the James Hall Museum of Transport is a showcase of the implements that have propelled the people of South Africa for more than a century.

Most self-guided tours begin in the North Hall, home to motorcars from before and after the South African War. This area includes the museum’s oldest car, a green Edwardian Clement-Panhard (1900), as well as unusual artifacts like the minuscule 1957 MBW Microcar Isetta. Locomotives and retired city vehicles, like a double-decker bus, are on the open-air porch, and examples of buses and trolleys, including Johannesburg’s last electric powered Tram and a traveling library bus still filled with books, can be seen in the West Hall.

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Excursión de paradas libres de 1 o 2 días por Johannesburgo

Explore Johannesburgo de la mejor manera, con total seguridad y fiabilidad y desde la comodidad de un autobús descubierto. Conozca la historia de la mina ...  Más información

  • Ubicación: Johannesburgo, Sur África
  • Duración: 3 horas
  • Idioma: Inglés Español
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  • Duración: 1 ó 2 días
  • Idioma: Inglés
desde USD18,32