Saxman Native Village

Saxman Native Village celebrates all things Alaskan and Tlingit, and that means totem poles, folklore and dance, lumberjack exploits and woodcarvers.

The native village introduces visitors to the customs and culture of Alaska’s native inhabitants, and features the largest collection of totems you’re likely to see.

At the Beaver Clan House, members of the Cape Fox Dance group welcome visitors with traditional songs, stories and dance. Woodcarvers show off their skills, and there are examples of their craft for sale in the village store.

While visiting Saxman Village, it’s also possible to take in a lumberjack show and wood-chopping competitions.

Practical Info

Saxman is 2 miles (3km) south of Ketchikan, on the S. Tongass Highway.
Dirección: S. Tongass Highway, Saxman, EE UU
Entradas: Tour: $35
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