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Emerald Pool (Sa Morakot)

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Originating from a warm stream in the lowland forest of Khao Nor Juji, the Emerald Pool (or Sa Morakot) is a hot spring located within the Khao Pra­Bang Khram Wildlife Sanctuary in Krabi. The dazzling Emerald Pool is 115 long, 214 meters wide, and deep enough to swim in (although, due to the high levels of calcium carbonate, visitors should avoid swallowing any water while doing so). The color of the water varies according to the reflection of the sunlight at different times of the day. To experience the most intense emerald hue, visit at dawn or as early in the morning as possible. There are three nature trails that lead to the Emerald Pool. The first is a direct 800­ meter path from the main entrance. The second is via ‘Thung Tieo­Sa Morakot’, which is around 1400 meters long and and more challenging, but is ideal for birdwatchers and nature lovers. The third method is the longest at just under three kilometers, and is a scenic nature trail through the forest.

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