Monte El Toro

Monte El Toro, also known as Toro Mountain, is the highest peak in Menorca, measuring in at 1,175 feet above sea level. In fact, the peak can be seen from nearly every town on the island. On top of the mountain, the views are truly spectacular.

Aside from the beauty found on top of the mountain, there is also an old Augustinian monastery and church, complete with a wood carving of the Virgen del Toro, the patroness saint of the island. The area has a rich history – be sure to dig in during a visit to the Virgen del Toro Sanctuary which was originally built around the site of a 13th century gothic church.  This area is considered to be the spiritual center of Menorca.
Today, visitors can explore the area, including a gorgeous patio, a church built in the 1700s and wood carvings of Menorca’s patron saint. Alongside the church is a testament to the other history of the island – a defense tower built in the 16th century.  Once a monastery for Augustine monks, today the sanctuary is run by a group of Franciscan sisters of Mercy.

Practical Info

People wanting to visit the mountain need not climb it. It is accessible via car, too.  Mass is open to the public every Sunday at 11am. The closest town is Es Mercadal.
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