Casa de Montejo

Located on the south side of the Plaza Principal, this intricately decorated structure was built by the son of Adelantado Montejo, the conqueror of Yucatan. It served as a mansion for the family and its descendants for several centuries. It dates back to 1549 and is in the Spanish Plateresque style, known for drawing on eclectic sources, from late Gothic to Renaissance to Moorish.

Today it serves as a bank that you can enter during business hours, but the main attraction is outside: two tiers of carvings are so strange and detailed that a knowledgeable guide could spend an hour pointing out the figures and symbols. Sure, there are conquerors and the conquered, plus nods to the building’s owners, but also cherubs, monsters, and assorted demons. The netting covering it all detracts somewhat, but is necessary to keep the birds at bay.
Dirección: Calle 63 No. 506 Col. Centro, Merida, Yucatan, México
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