Port Market (Mercado del Puerto)

Viewing this building, you’ll be confused about what exactly you’re looking at. Originally built as a train station in another location, the facade ended up in Montevideo as a market, instead. Located in Montevideo’s Old Town, the plaza outside is filled with outdoor-seating restaurants and craft stalls, while inside you’ll find even more eateries and shops. Musicians will entertain you as you sample fresh seafood and flavorful “asado”, a traditional way of grilling meats on open fire, common in many South American countries.

Along with being a great place to shop for souvenirs and antiques and eat copious amounts of red meat, the market holds 130 years of Uruguay’s history. Mercado del Puerto was completed on July 19, 1885, and still supplies a comfortable, homey place for people of all social classes and backgrounds. Moreover, the old world architecture will transport you back to a time when foods coming from inland areas and illegal imports were sold there. Saturdays are a fun time to go, when the atmosphere takes on an overly festive tone.
Dirección: Montevideo, Uruguay
Horario: The main market is open everyday during lunch hours.
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Recorrido privado por la ciudad de Montevideo con almuerzo y traslados de ida y vuelta en ferry desde Buenos Aires

Disfrute de atención personalizada y un itinerario flexible en esta excursión privada de día completo de Montevideo. Viaje desde Buenos Aires a través del ferry para ver todos los lugares de interés de la capital uruguaya, haciendo una parada para disfrutar de un almuerzo incluido. Traslado de ida y vuelta incluido desde Buenos Aires.
  • Duración: 14 horas
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  • Duración: 14 horas
  • Idiomas disponibles: Español
264,90 $ USD

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