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Amouage Perfumery

In 2012, the Amouage Perfumery opened in Muscat as a visitor center to celebrate three decades of this niche luxury brand of fragrance. Here you can discover the most expensive perfume in the world, which draws inspiration from the rich and colorful heritage of the Sultanate of Oman. For shopping fanatics, the Amouage Perfumery is best enjoyed as part of an Arabian shopping trip and souq experience. Once at the perfume factory, a guide will explain how the perfumes are made by hand and you can watch as the bottles are filled and packaged by the small team who work here, perhaps even purchasing a bottle to take home for yourself. If visiting as part of a shopping and souq tour, you’ll then get to visit two modern shopping centers, before finishing up at the most popular and largest bazaar in Oman, the Muttrah Souq. Did You Know? The Amouage Perfumery has the capability to produce anything upwards of 5000 bottles of fragrance per week.

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Arabian Shopping Trip y Souq Experience

Visite la fábrica Amouage, el centro comercial Avenues de Omán, el centro comercial Muscat Grand Mall y Muttrah Souq. Más información

  • Ubicación: Muscat, Omán
  • Duración: 6 horas
  • Idioma: Inglés
desde USD163,00

Amouage Perfume Factory Fanja Village y Wadi Taiyyin de Muscat

Visite la famosa fábrica de perfumes Amouage, vea el pueblo de Fanja y el Wadi Tayyin ubicado en las profundidades de las montañas. Más información

  • Ubicación: Muscat, Omán
  • Duración: 8 horas
  • Idioma: Inglés
desde USD483,00