Sultan's Armed Forces Museum

Housed in the Bait Al Falaj Fort, the Sultan's Armed Forces Museum is one of Muscat’s most fascinating museums, devoted to preserving Oman’s long military history and chronicling the development of its international relations. Since opening its doors in 1988, the museum has amassed an extensive collection of artifacts including military uniforms, instruments, parachutes, medals and a vast showcase of historic and present day weaponry, featuring everything from antique cannons and early machine guns to modern rifles.

Notable highlights include an ejector seat and a bulletproof Cadillac once belonging to Sultan Qaboos bin Said, which sits among the outdoor display of military ATVs, boats, planes and helicopters. A series of evocative dioramas also add interest, including a military hospital, wartime field headquarters and artillery batteries, which help bring to life the key events of the Sultanate of Oman.
Dirección: Bayt Al Falaj, Muscat, Oman, Omán
Horario: Sun-Thurs 8am-1:30am, Sat 9am-12pm, 3pm-6pm
Entradas: Children: RO. 500 Bz; Adults: RO. 1,000
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