Hajar Mountains

The Hajar Mountains abound in natural wonders as well as some of Oman’s most important and fascinating historical sites. Its arid expanses are periodically punctuated by green oases which loom mirage-like before your eyes.

The remarkable town of Misfat Al-Abriyeen, with its cliff-hugging mud-brick houses and date terraces, is one of the favored destinations here. Nearby, the aptly-named Green Mountain (Jebal Akhdar) offers a respite from Oman’s treacherous summer heat. Its lush slopes abound with pomegranates and other fruit trees, as well as fields of roses used to make rose water.

Other recommended sites include the old capitals of Nizwa and Rustaq, the stunning Wadi Nakhr canyon and Samail, the birthplace of Islam in Oman which features numerous mosques and an imposing hill-top fort.

Practical Info

The Hajar Mountains dominate northern Oman and stretch north into the United Arab Emirates. Numerous destinations in the area are accessible from Muscat, though some of its more rugged and remote spots are best traversed by 4x4.

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