Sono Beach

Sono Beach, nestled on the Atlantic Ocean just south of Paraty, is not your typical coastal destination. Visitors to the somewhat secluded shores of this remote beach need to be up for more than just lazily lounging on sun-kissed sand while sipping frosty tropical drinks. That’s because Sono is accessible only by boat or bus, and travelers who opt for the latter also commit to an hour-long hike through the overgrown rainforest that stands between the main road and the shores of Sono Beach. Visitors rave about the scenic views, which are best from the hilltops where hikers ascend, and travelers love that the shores—and the handful of local restaurants that dot the coast—are never crowded.

Practical Info

Sono Beach is located in Laranjeiras and accessible via the 1050 bus line. Visitors can skip the hike by hopping aboard one of the local boats that sail to Sono, which costs about 40 reals. Travelers who enjoy walking can also follow rainforest trails to Antigos Beach and Ponta Negros.
Dirección: Sono Beach, Brasil
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