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Petrohué Waterfalls

Massive cascades of Petrohué Waterfalls pour through the lush, volcanic landscape, flowing across dramatic basalt formations, brought to the surface eons ago by snowcapped Osorno Volcano. Its naked peak rises photogenically above the falls, two fantastic natural attractions protected as part of Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park. The chill river, which flows between Lago Todos de los Santos and and Lago Llanquihue, doesn't hold much appeal for bathers; most visitors are content to hike around the pastoral countryside. Keep an eye out for "torrent ducks" however, tiny but tough birds who can navigate the rapids with a dozen chicks in tow.

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Escapada de un día a Peulla con almuerzo

Haga una visita guiada de día completo desde Puerto Montt para admirar el lago y sus magníficos paisajes. Pasará por los lagos Llanquihue y ...  Más información

  • Ubicación: Puerto Montt, Chile
  • Duración: 11 horas
  • Idioma: Inglés Español
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