La Aripuca

This smallish ecological theme park just outside Puerto Iguazu is centered on some centuries-old trees and assorted exhibitions of Guarani culture scattered throughout the rainforest. This is the traditional homeland of the indigenous Guarani people, who today number some 250,000. Many still speak their native tongue and some still strive to live in equilibrium with the jungle. This park was designed to showcase their traditional lives and natural environment.

Begin your guided, one-hour tour at the enormous model "aripuca," a type of snare used to capture small animals. Here, it is rendered some five stories tall, roughly hewn from 28 species of tree. From there, you'll visit a thatched-roof village and stone structure, where you'll learn more about traditional government, economic, and religious structures, as well as handicrafts. These can be purchased at the gift shops or restaurants.

Practical Info

While this tiny park is great for families with young children and anyone curious about the Guarani people, it can disappoint travelers with little patience for tourist traps. It's located 4.5km (2.5mi) from central Puerto Iguazu, easily accessible via minibuses or private taxis.
Dirección: Ruta 12, Km 4.5, Puerto Iguazu, Misiones, Argentina
Horario: Open daily 9am - 6pm
Entradas: US$6
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