Isla de Lobos

About 5 miles off the coast of Punta del Este, you’ll find Isla de Lobos. This tiny island is well-known for its large colonies of sea lions and South American fur seals. In fact, it is said that 15,000 sea lions and 250,000 specimens of South American fur seals reside on the island. Isla de Lobos features the largest sea lion colony in the western hemisphere, making it an official nature reserve. This can make for a unique beach visit, with lots of fun photo opportunities.

Isla de Lobos is where you’ll find the tallest lighthouse in South America, and the third tallest in the world. Built in 1858, it is 194-feet high, and has an intense beam of light that shines every five seconds. When visiting, two worthwhile activities are snorkeling and scuba diving. The waters are calm and clear, making it a great dive for all levels, with beginners being allowed to dive to about 60 feet. Moreover, it’s exciting when the sea lions come over to play with you in the water. Visitors are not supposed to actually go onto the island, as the country hopes to preserve its unique eco-system, but you can see it from just offshore.
Dirección: Punta del Este, Uruguay
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