Museum of the Sea (Museo del Mar)

Punta del Este's Museum of the Sea (Museo del Mar) features more than 5,000 specimens and an array of exhibit rooms where visitors can view the skeletons of dolphins, orcas, beaked whales, elephant seals and many other mammals. The Uruguay museum also showcases an impressive collection of seashells from all over the world, including ones that are vibrantly colored and oddly shaped, plus the world's largest mussel shell and a Adelomelon brasiliana, which produces tennis ball-sized eggs.

In a separate room, the museum houses a pirate exhibit where travelers can learn about the myths and realities of buccaneers and picaroons. See treasure chests, hooks, eye patches, wooden legs and telescopes, while also learning about what pirates were really like. And, for a bit of nostalgia, visit the exhibit on the history of beach cities. The room features old advertisements and photos of beach-goers, collectibles, beach house antiques and chances to learn about historical customs and beach etiquette.
Dirección: Calle 9 La Barra, Punda del Este 20001, Uruguay
Horario: Summer: daily 10:30am-8:30pm; winter: daily 11am-6pm
Entradas: UYU$100
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