Rainbow Beach

This scenic beach is located on the Inskip Peninsula in a quiet village of only about 1,000 people. Though once accessible by boat alone, contracts set in 1969 with local sand miners made getting to Rainbow Beach a whole lot easier.

Today, 4WD enthusiasts flock to Double Island Point for wild off-road adventures, while hikers and wildlife lovers often find themselves combing the wooded trails of Great Sandy National Park, located along the south side of town. Visitors also love boating in Tin Can Bay, where wild dolphins play. But the more adventurous may find themselves paragliding over the crystal clear waters of this relatively untouched coastal destination or skydiving near its pristine shores.

Practical Info

Rainbow Beach is located in southeastern Queensland, just east of Gympie.
Dirección: Rainbow Beach, Queensland, Australia
Horario: Daily
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