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Malakoff Tower (Torre Malakoff)

Constructed in the 19th century, Malakoff Tower is a historic military building and clock tower located in old town Recife. It was used as an entrance to the arsenal storage area, a strategic lookout point and also as an astronomic observatory. The tower was named after Malakoff Fortress, a defense center used in the Crimea War.

Today, it has been converted into a cultural center and is still a functioning observatory, complete with telescopes, binoculars, and knowledgeable staff. The observatory holds special events for eclipses, full moons and more. During the day visitors can take in panoramic views of Recife’s historic center, winding waterways, and high-rises that lie on the skyline in the distance. The center is also home to eight halls that host cultural events and rotating exhibits that generally focus on photography and music.