Tekka Center

The Tekka Center in Singapore’s Little India area is an ethnic food center and shopping mall offering a range of day-to-day goods at rather inexpensive prices. Built originally in the 1910s, the center underwent relocation and then a few renovations, but now stands as a clean and colorful shopping complex where one can buy anything from groceries to souvenirs and other trinkets.

The center is distinguished by its flamboyant façade, segmented into blue, green and beige sections across a modern and busy looking structure. It was reopened with air-conditioning in 2009, making for a more pleasant experience in an otherwise sweltering city.

Depending on what entryway you use, there are different sections of the center offering mixed ethnic cuisine, especially Chinese and Indian, at its various hawker stations, but it is also a place to run errands, with loads of great tailors, hardware shops and even religious shops selling traditional supplies such as incense robes and other offerings.
Dirección: Singapur
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