Great Salt Pond

Those seeking a stimulating day trip on St. Kitts couldn’t do better than the Great Salt Pond located on the southeastern tip of the island. Bordered by both the Atlantic and the Caribbean, brilliant white sands line the beach on both sides. Body surfing is popular in the turbulent Atlantic waters, while snorkeling and swimming are preferable in the Caribbean. An array of birds frequent the shore, and while there may be more secluded beaches on the island, the combination of personality and natural beauty more than make up for what it occasionally lacks in seclusion. 

However populated, the Great Salt Pond is far from urbanized. The occasional blight of garbage and pollution that mar many St. Kitts destinations don’t touch this pristine spot. Families casting about for a truly beautiful shore-front free from the clatter of business and entertainment will likely find that this beach fits the bill to perfection.

Practical Info

There aren’t any resort hotels within the immediate vicinity of the Great Salt Pond, but there is a selection of establishments roughly 4 or 5 miles from the beach.  Food and other amenities are closer still, with a handful of options a little more than a mile off.
Dirección: Southeast Peninsula, St Kitts, San Cristóbal y Nieves
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