Yongkang Street

Yongkang Street, with seemingly endless rows of independent cafés and no-frills eateries, represents the best of Taipei’s food scene. This area offers a mix of Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese joints, so it’s best to arrive at Yongkang hungry and ready to sample staples from Chinese fluffy pancakes to shaved mango ice.
The Basics
Yongkang Street is often featured in Taipei sightseeing tours, which usually explore Taiwan’s capital by bike or on foot. Evening tours, when Taipei is beautifully illuminated, let you experience Yongkang Street when it’s bustling with locals and tourists, who come to sample the street’s famous beef noodle soup. To explore at your own pace, choose a hop-on hop-off bus that will allow you to eat your way around without the time constraints of a tour.
Things to Know Before You Go
  • Yongkang Street is a must for food lovers and first-time visitors.
  • If you want to avoid the crowds, visit Yongkang Street during the day when it’s far less busy.
  • If there’s a long line for a food stall, join it.
  • Wander to the end of the street for great views of Taipei 101.
How to Get There
You can access Yongkang Street via one of two MRT stations: Take either the red or orange line to Dongmen, or ride the green line to Guting and walk for around 10 minutes. If you want to avoid getting lost, a guided tour that includes transportation is the most convenient option.
When to Get There
If you visit Yongkang Street during the day, you’ll benefit from smaller crowds but you won’t get to sample the full spectrum of the area’s street food, as most restaurants are only open in the evening. Visiting at night means you also get to see Taipei 101 lit up.
Try Before You Buy on Yongkang
Aside from being a culinary mecca in the heart of Taipei, Yongkang Street attracts visitors with plenty of free samples. Vendors offer visitors a chance to sample baked goods and lesser-known delicacies without having to buy an entire meal, making it the perfect place to be adventurous.
Dirección: YongKang St, Da-an District, Taipei City 106, Taiwán
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