Grande Riviere

The village of Grande Riviere, on Trinidad’s north coast, once lived on fishing and cash crops. It is now an important eco-tourism hub, renowned as the best place to watch huge leatherback sea turtles coming aground to nest.

Sustainability is the key to travel here, with other low-impact activities including river kayaking, bird-watching and trekking to the beautiful Homard River Waterfall. There you’ll find a placid pool for your tired muscles, just one of the area's inland waterways which provide an alternative to Trinidad’s surf beaches.  

The stretch of coastline around Grande Riviere provides some of the wildest scenery on the whole island. The lack of conventional facilities is more than made up for by lush, untouched rainforest and remote beaches where you’ll find few other visitors.

Practical Info

Grande Riviere is in a relatively remote location near Trinidad’s northeastern tip, 62 miles (100 kilometers) from Port of Spain. There are camping grounds as well as two hotels on the beach which use low lighting so as not to disturb the turtles.

Dirección: Trinidad, Trinidad y Tobago
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