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Isola del Giglio (Giglio Island)

Located at the southern end of the Tuscan Islands archipelago, Isola del Giglio (Giglio Island) has long attracted visitors — mainly Romans — to its beaches, coves and hiking trails. The 9-square-mile (24-square-kilometer) granite island, the second largest in the archipelago, boasts only three towns. Ferries coming from the mainland arrive at Giglio Porto, while the walled village of Giglio Castello sits at the island’s highest point. On the far western end of the island, Giglio Campese is the most modern of the three.

Much of Giglio Island’s appeal comes from its rusticity and sense of isolation. A dozen hiking trails wind through the island’s sun-drenched hills, where you’re as likely to see goats munching on the parched greenery as other tourists. Along the coastline lie several inlets and small beaches, many only reachable by boat or on foot. Just off the southwestern coast of the island, Tuscan Islands National Park protects some beautiful dive sites.

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