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Butterfly World

A veritable garden of Eden in the heart of the Cape Winelands, Butterfly World is a 10,750 square foot greenhouse alive with much more than butterflies. Though the attraction’s namesake is indeed there and abundant – 300 cocooned babies are imported from China, Costa Rica, the Philippines and Malaysia each week – a menagerie of donated, abandoned or rescued exotic animals steal the show.

Screen doors and glass partitions separate izards, iguanas and snakes from the butterflies, while colorful birds – seed and fruit eaters only – flutter between the plants. Some, the marmoset monkeys and cockatoos, former pets, are quite friendly and will land on visitor’s shoulders if encouraged. Other creatures that inhabit the space include a Mexican Red Knee Tarantula, a pair of aptly-named crazy haired guinea pigs that look like living mop heads, four meerkats and green tree iguanas. Outside, Butterfly World’s shy Blue Duiker antelope roam the property.