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Fa Yuen Street Market

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Located in Mong Kok between Dundas and Boundary Streets, Fa Yuen Street Market is largely famous for selling sports shoes, which has earned it the nickname, Sneaker Street. Popular with the locals, it sells very little in the way of tourist souvenirs, and most of the goods are set at fixed prices (although some items are always negotiable).

The entire street is around a kilometer long, but it isn’t all dedicated to sportswear. The south part consists mainly of local restaurants and eateries, and there are all sorts of shops and stalls selling a huge range of clothing and other goods. The so-called Sneaker Street part of the market extends for 300 meters between Soy Street and Argyle Street and features more than 50 sports shops with all the popular brand names available. Fa Yuen Street Market is close to a number of other markets in the area, including the Ladies Market and the Goldfish Market.

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