• Ubicación: Dubai, Emiratos Árabes Unidos
  • Duración: 9 horas (aprox.)
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Entrance Hall

Nana, julio 2016

Hall entrance to the main Prayer Room with flowered inlays on the walls.


Nana, julio 2016

One of seven chandeliers within the Mosque. It is made with 24 karat gold, Italian glass and Swarovski crystals

Inner Courtyard

Nana, julio 2016

Me standing at the Inner courtyard of the mosque. It is massive. I was amazed that the marble felt cool to the touch even in the 90 temps.

Main Entrance

Nana, julio 2016

Walkway leading to the main entrance to the mosque.


Nana, julio 2016

The Mosque

Allen D, octubre 2014



Allen D, octubre 2014