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Another Chinese White (/Pink) Dolphin

AmyMc, Australia, febrero 2013

I presume this dolphin is slightly younger because it still has some grey on it... which the guides said the dolphins lost as they became adults.

More of the dolphin pod.

AmyMc, Australia, febrero 2013

More of the dolphin pod that swam by the boat for along time.

Two of the Chinese White Dolphins, which appear pink.

AmyMc, Australia, febrero 2013

These two dolphins were part of a greater pod that spent quite a while swimming alongside the boat. On this clear day viewing them was so easy because of their color, you could even see them just sitting below the surface of the water.


Sophie S, junio 2011

Very playful, right by the boat


Sophie S, junio 2011

Right by the airport!


Sophie S, junio 2011

Pink river dolphins!


Oleala, Australia, junio 2011

The boat