• Ubicación: Punta Cana, República Dominicana
  • Duración: 4 horas 30 minutos (aprox.)
desde USD 60,00

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Opinión de: Jenny B , diciembre 2016

A lot of fun! It rained that morning so the roads were slightly wet. It rained more when we were inside the cave, so our drive back was very muddy. Beware that YOU WILL GET MUDDY, so make sure to wear old clothes and shoes. We bought goggles and bandanas too, very helpful to keep the mud out of your eyes, nose, and mouth. The buggy was very easy to drive and the roads easy to follow. Our guide was great, taking time to explain everything and stopping to take photos of us. We had a small group so the trip was fun because we weren't stuck behind anyone driving slow. We stopped at a local shop/house and explored their house and garden before arriving at the caves. We got served local coffee and didn't get pushed to buy anything from the shop. It was nice chatting with the locals. The buggy itself has a roof, so helped with the sun. The guide's buggy doesn't have a top though.

There's 2 caves, both pretty but be careful walking through them because some flooring may be uneven or slick and slippery. Wear your helmet too! The 2nd cave had some Flintstones decor which was cute but unnecessary to make the cave a nice place to visit. Wonder who's idea was it to decorate it like that. Quirky.

Since it's a 2 person buggy, one of us drove to the cave and the other drove back. Very bumpy ride and a lot of quick maneuvering to avoid holes. YOU WILL GET SPLASHED!! Definitely don't do this if you have back problems!! Make sure you wear your seat belt!

Back at their base, there's outdoor showers and indoor bathrooms to use to clean up. There's a small shop selling tasty Mamajuana too. Overall, this was a lot of fun and we'll definitely do this again when we're back in DR. Thank you for the great experience!

Opinión de: marshallf405 , octubre 2016

This tour was great. Ivan made sure everything was good to go for my trip and was in constant contact with me and had a warm welcome upon our arrival. John Paul was our tour guide and he was great and very entertaining. This is a highly recommended tour for anyone wanting to have fun. What was even better was that this tour was in a small group of maybe 5 or 6 buggies vs some other companies who have up too 20 buggies per tour. All the buggies were very well maintained and had no problem. Everyone there was a joy to go on the tour with!

Opinión de: Norma M , agosto 2016

Was a lot of fun! So worth the money you pay. This was one of my favorite! Buy the pictures! Worth the money. Amazing day!

Opinión de: gilchrist850 , agosto 2016

This tour was amazing. I would do it again. Tour guide was awesome. We enjoyed every minute. Would highly recommend to anyone!

Opinión de: cjsanchez_92 , agosto 2016

This tour was a lot of fun! The tour guides were great. Lots of neat things to see. I really enjoyed the tour. :

Opinión de: danny , julio 2016

good experience. friendly guide

Opinión de: Mej2255 , junio 2016

This tour was amazing!

Opinión de: Scotty D , junio 2016

This tour was amazing!

Opinión de: Jennifer03301 , noviembre 2015

It was Great!! it was definitely worth the money..

Opinión de: Richard H , junio 2015

Brilliant tour, the guy is very helpful and knowledgeable and his enthusiasm and passion really shows, the buggy's are awesome had such fun, and the Cave is pretty spectacular. I highly highly recommend this tour!!!

Opinión de: Kenneth W , julio 2016

This tour was really good!

Opinión de: Trish L , julio 2016

Fun tour. Bring hankerchiefs, sunglasses-will cost 5.00/10.00 there if you dont have with you. Very nice staff!

Opinión de: Helen S , julio 2016

Great fun day out
Worth the money.
Top guide

Opinión de: cmolina2870 , junio 2016

We met Jon Carlos there for a morning trip along the countryside by ourselves he gave us the VIP treatment and told us about the locals. The caves were amazing, but Jon Carlos made it memorable. I would highly reccommend to tip the individual guide directly instead of the group.

Opinión de: David K , marzo 2016

Good tour. Great guides and a lot of fun.

Opinión de: Alfred C , noviembre 2016

The tour was ok, but the people and the tour guides were FANTASTIC.