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Cristina Z, octubre 2016

Mt Fuji was visible a bit cloudy from the Outlet mall

Cristina Z, octubre 2016

Lunch venue Ninja gardens

Mount Fuji Station 5 on a cloudy day

harryxiao360, junio 2016

Station 5 has souvenir shops

View of Mt. Fuji from the Ninja Gardens

ashley, mayo 2016

View of Mt. Fuji from the lunch stop within the Ninja Garden

Mt. Fuji, Sept 30, 2015

Katy K, octubre 2015

Amazing weather for great views of Mt. Fuji the entire day!

Sunset at Gotemba Outlets

Samantha J, junio 2015

While the outlets themselves were skippable to anyone who comes from a remotely developed city, the view was something else.

Mt Juji

Kim, mayo 2015

My Fuji