Mikonos, Grecia

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Time5 horas (aprox.)
TransportRecogida en el hotel incluida
TicketEntrada para dispositivos móviles
Idiomas disponibles: Inglés

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Descubra la antigua Delos y sus leyendas en esta entretenida y educativa visita guiada de 5 horas. Aprenda sobre la historia antigua y mitos griegos durante la visita a algunos de los legendarios monumentos, como el ágora, la Vía Sacra y el Templo de Apolo. Opte por el recorrido que incluye un almuerzo en una casa (o granja) de Miconos y un recorrido a pie por el casco antiguo de Miconos.


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, sep 2018

This tour started off badly and only continued from there. We arrived to the meeting spot ten minutes early to make sure we were in the right spot. We found some other travelers who would be on our tour so knew we were where we should be. 20 minutes later, the tour guide finally showed up but never introduced herself, apologized for being late, etc. My husband just noticed that a woman with a clipboard was talking to some of the people we had met so went and checked us in. She never actually greeted me or the rest of the people in our family and only barked at my husband that she needed the rest of the people to come get a sticker I don't even think made eye contact with me, just checked my name off a list as she handed me my tour sticker. Then when it was time to go, she just took off towards the transfer boat, never made any announcement or explained how things would go and I think just expected everyone to follow her.
The actual boat ride over to Delos was uneventful. When we arrived to the island, she got our tickets and led us the museum where we met the guide who took us around the site. The tour group was large, around 30 people, and much too large in my opinion to hear our guide unless we stayed very close to him which was difficult to do given the size of our group. It was also a very windy day so very difficult to hear much of anything unless we were literally standing right next to him. The information provided was interesting- at least what I was able to hear. I happened to see many other tour groups, many that had the audio headsets. This is a much preferred way to have a guided tour around Delos or perhaps a private tour. Our tour was just too big, and we couldn't hear half of what the guide said. My other big disappointment with this tour was the guide lost a member of our group midway through the tour- he told her to meet at the bottom when she asked where to go when in fact we all met at the top. She waited around for the group to join us, only for our tour group to move on to another part of the site. The woman who officially ran the tour day the woman we met in the am prior to the boat ride could have done a much better job of keeping the group together and make sure we didnt lose anyone. She mainly was just walking around, taking pictures and seemed more interested in her own experience instead of ensuring the enjoyment of the people who had paid for the tour. Also reiterates the point that the tour group was just too large. If they are losing people midway, there are too many people. Lastly, they said the transfer boat back to Mykonos would leave at 130 and to make sure we were back on the boat by 125. We wound up jogging to make sure we got on the boat in time and had no time to tour the site on our own. Overall I would say Delos is worth a visit but do NOT use this tour company. Use one that does smaller groups and uses the audio headsets.

, ago 2018

Our booking stated pick up would be at 9:15am. Our hotel rang at 8:50am saying our transfer was here. We then had to rush, worried people were waiting for us. We apologised and explained it should be 9:15am, driver said they had called the hotel to say the transfer would be earlier this was never passed onto us if it was true.
At the meeting point, we waited 20 mins to be joined by others in the group and 2 guides then walked 5-10 minutes to the old port not new port as stated. We then had to wait whilst the woman went to buy the boat tickets which confused us as we had pre booked the tour so why were we waiting around for someone to buy our tickets?! She returned and said the boat was running late, it shouldve been there for 10am but it wasnt, meaning we waited a further 20 mins. We finally then boarded the boat however the boat wasnt a small wooden boat as described - it was a large white tourist boat. Also there were so many people on the boat - people who had booked on the day too so it was full of random tours.
We were told our return boat was at 1.30pm but we had to be on the boat for no later than 1.20pm.
On arrival at Delos we had to wait AGAIN whilst they went to buy our entrance tickets. Once through we waited yet again for our guide. After being at Delos for 25 mins the guide finally arrived. She apologised and said it was busy - this isnt my problem - we had pre-booked this trip in the hope it would be less hassle and more structured.
The tour then started 3.5 hours after we were picked up. The guide was knowledgable but she did repeat herself. She walked too quick in thenheat which was hard work. There was 30 of us in our group which is a lot for 1 guide to control and speak to. Sometimes if we stopped on a walkway it was difficult to hear her as other tours were going past and their guides were taking too.
The tour with the guide lasted around 75mins but we didnt really get to see much of the island in that time. We were then given free time until our return boat. We went to see the lion structures but they were very disappointing as they are frankly falling apart considering they are replicas. By the time we saw the lions and went to the cafe to grab a cold drink it was time to walk back to the boat meaning we had no time to visit the museum on site which I would have loved to do.
We got to the boat for 1.20pm - our guides were nowhere to be seen so we just boarded. Inside was completely full meaning we had to sit on the top deck in the blazing heat. The return journey was extremely choppy and uncomfortable.
On return to Mykonos port, I have never seen anything like it. The term squashed like sardines springs to mind. As we were trying to exit our boat and the port - other people were on the port trying to board other boats, some with suitcases. This caused absolute chaos and frankly was a health and safety hazard. How nobody fell in the water or was injured is beyond me. People were walking along the port breaker wall which is very unsafe and tourists should never need to take such drastic action to get to dry land. Absolutely ridiculous!
We finally made it out and found our guide. We walked back to the first meeting point and got back in our minibus. By this point, I was so tired and hot, I just wanted to get back to our hotel and be in the aircon!
We got on the minibus and on the way to dropping off another group, our driver reserved into a rock. She was very nervous and a panicky driver. Clearly driving in Mykonos is not for everyone but as she is driving paying tourists she should at least be confident and be able to get everyone to and from safely!
As we approached the turning for our resort the driver asked us if she could drop us off on the main road. She said it was hard to drive up and tun around in our resort. This was ridiculous - minibuses get up that drive with ease - I felt it was just a lame excuse. By this point I was furious the day itself had been a shambles, totally unorganised and running late constantly and she now couldnt be bothered to take us back to our hotel after we paid an extra 32.60 for the transfer!
I told her I was very hot and asked if she could take us to reception. She sighed but drove on however literally to the end of the main driveway and told us she wouldnt go any further yet she did that morning so we had to get out and walk up a steep bank to where our hotel actually was at least 100m away.
We then called into reception to ask them about the confusion over our pick up time. The manager informed us they never received a call from the company changing our pick up time!
Overall the tour itself was ok but everything else was chaotic, late and overpriced. It seemed to be more of a money making exercise. I dont understand why we were passed between so many different guides - 4 in total! From pick up time it was over 3 hours before we even started the tour let alone got to Delos. Definitely not worth the money or the stress!

, jul 2018

Our tour guide was very informative. The only thing I would improve is clarity in regards to morning meeting point. There were places where it said the meeting point was old port and others where it said the meeting point was new port. We sent an email through Viator and were able to obtain a clear answer within 24 hours.

, jul 2018

Good tour but very hot and tour guide didn't know when to stop talking.

, jun 2018

I love our guide. She did not sugar coat things and was up front to everyone. Very knowledgeable archeologists. I forgot her name now but she was great short black hair . Also please make sure you wear a hat and sun screen. Very sunning and hot. Oh and also take water with you. Theres only a little caffè on the small island and you wont go there until after the tour is done.kds loved !! Amazing to be at a place what used to be the manhattan of today.

, jun 2018

I cannot recommend this tour enough. For anyone who is interested in Greek mythology or Ancient Greek civilisation, you must visit Delos - the birthplace of the twin gods: Apollo and Artemis. A shuttle van promptly picked us up at 9.15am from our apartment and then drove us to the port to meet other groups on route to Delos. The large boat had a bar area downstairs, while the top had an open area for people to sit and take in the beautiful sea view. The waves were choppy, but my friend who usually suffers from seasickness was absolutely fine. We arrived shortly after a 20-25 minute boat ride at Delos where our tour guide, Vasiliki, offered us an amazing history and mythology class on the origins of Delos. She also requested we ask her as many questions, about the island and its history, as possible. She was friendly and informative. Obviously, you can go to Delos without a tour guide, but it is much better to have someone like Vasiliki to guide you, so they can explain and point out all the important relics and statues, you need to know about. In our group, there were no more than 12 people, which was a good enough size. After a thoroughly productive morning, we were back in our apartment by 2 pm, which included a free drive back to our apartment. We embraced the culture, history and took many photographs. My advice is to bring your own bottle of water as the air is dry and bring your own lunch and snacks to eat on the boat ride going back to the port. Also, wear lots of sun cream and cover your body, with a light cardigan or jacket, because your skin may burn. Id say the entire experience was roughly 4-5 hours long, so theres enough time for you to carry on enjoying the rest of your day, back in Mykonos Town.

, jun 2018

The tour was great if you're a history buff. DEFINITELY bring a hat/umbrella because it got REALLY hot. I wasn't able to enjoy the tour as much because I was so hot. The tour guide was very informative and I learned a lot! She was honest when she didn't know about something, and I appreciated the honesty. You can't expect someone to know everything!

In terms of transportation, it was fairly well organized. There was a bit of waiting time, but it wasn't too bad. I got sea sick on the boat though, so make sure you bring Dramamine if you get motion sickness. They also don't provide water or anything like that, so make sure you come prepared. Overall, I'd recommend this tour if you like enjoy learning about ancient history. If you don't, then don't book this tour because that's literally all there is on that island. There's nothing else to do there, other than a little museum that I didn't go into. PS. The giant statues you see in the picture, you do not get to see until the end of the tour.

, may 2018

Bad communication. Received an email that the meetup place was changed so went to the new place as indicated in the email. After some time did not see the tour guide coming so asked around was told to go to window where tickets were sold only to be told we had to wait for guide wince we booked online. Meetup time was 930 and boat was leaving at 10am so at 950 a group walked up and the guy leading them said he was waiting for us at the original meetup point. I showed him the email which said the meetup place had changed and that is why I was where I was. There was another couple who received a phone call about the new meetup location and was also waiting with us. We walk up to the boat and the guy who was leading the other group is not the guide. Finally we board still without tickets and some lady walks up and is our guide and she is very late it's right after 10am. When we got to Delos she was very knowledgeable about the place and history but I feel she was rushing and while other tours went further she went back to catch the boat leaving us to explore on our own.

, oct 2017

This review has three parts to it. Pick up, the tour, and drop off. The pick up on this tour was late. The instructions said pick up at our ship at approximately 9 AM. We were there at 8:55 and there was no tour operator there to greet us and direct us to our transport. Twenty minutes later we got a little concerned and we called the number on our documents. They told us that they would be there in a couple of minutes. There was confusion because a second group was waiting as well and we all thought we were the same group. It was our mini bus and not theirs so things were fine for us. We boarded the bus and our transport was about 30 seconds to a dock right next to the ship. So to summarize they showed up 20 minutes late instead of being there waiting for their guests and charged us good money extra for a thirty second transport. I grade this F!
The transport to Delos was in a 30 foot small local boat. This would have been ok under ideal conditions but the wind was blowing at 30 knots and there were 10-12 foot seas. There were not enough seats in the protected cabin so 4 of the 12 sat outside and were cold and wet. The captain did a great job of maneuvering to keep discomfort to a minimum but there were some green faces before we arrived. It took 45 minutes to go 6 miles because of the rough conditions. Grade D!
The tour itself was fantastic and the ruins are the most extensive ruins that we have ever toured. Our guide did a great job showing us around and explaining what things were and their meanings. She was an archeologist so she was particularly knowledgeable. They have only excavated about one third of the city due to cost constraints and securing the already excavated area. This part of the tour I rate Grade A. Then we made our trip back to Mykonos.
We took a different route back and it was a far smoother ride. The guide said we were going to dock at an area to the south and take a bus back to the ship. That was fine by us until we actually got there and had the crew explain that we couldn't dock because the water was too shallow at the jetty. So, we had to climb off onto a 4 person rubberized boat to go to shore. There was some difficulty for the older less agile passengers to get off the bobbing boat into the small skiff. Grade C.

, oct 2017

This tour was wonderful and so worth the boat trip! Our tour guide was surly so he was a bummer but overall this was great. Be sure to book the tour with lunch. The lunch is getting to enjoy a full Greek meal cooked by other tourists who take a cooking class. I didn't know this when I booked the Delos Tour with lunch but it was a happy surprise. The meal was the BEST meal I'd had my entire time in Greece.

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